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Vol. 3 No. 12 February 2005

Tale of the tape

About the survey: Storage magazine's tape reliability survey was conducted in November 2004. Storage subscribers and members were contacted by e-mail and invited to participate. A total of 378 valid surveys were submitted. If backup is painful for storage managers, then tape all too often inflicts that pain. Tape is the final destination of nearly all data--whether it's backed up for data protection or archive purposes--and has become the symbol of the backup process. Despite this, tape is considered the Rodney Dangerfield of storage media. It gets little respect for being part of a successful backup and restore, and more times than not it's blamed for a failure. Storage surveyed its readers and members in November 2004 to determine how often unreliable tapes were at the heart of a backup snafu. When asked to describe the tape failure situation in their shops, nearly a third of the respondents (31.2%) said it was either a significant problem that often disrupts backups or a problem that ...

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