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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Inside the storage department Storage groups require four main disciplines, but within each discipline there's also a need for a range of people, from architect to operator. Staffing levels should reflect this division of labor and the size and complexity of the environment. That's why simplistic TB/admin calculations aren't helpful. Many of today's shops look awfully similar to my first storage-focused job, where SCSI-based Clariions ruled. Still, some businesses have understood the lessons of the past and are well on their way to running IT as an internal service provider. Within IT, though, even these organizations are just building independent storage management groups. Here are some lessons I've learned by helping and watching a number of businesses form storage management teams: Form a real, dedicated group--don't try to make virtual teams. Define and publicize the boundaries, roles and responsibilities of the storage team. Storage has to include backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Invest in training--this is a new world; new skills are required. ... Access >>>

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      Hashing is back

    • IP storage delivers by Johanna Ambrosio

      Despite all the FUD surrounding IP SANs, early users say IP-based storage isn't all that difficult to manage and that performance is sufficient. The key is knowing what applications IP SANs should be used for.

    • Wrestling with regulations by Bill O'Brien

      In the health care industry, complicated regulations such as HIPAA, combined with new technologies that require enormous amounts of storage, are driving storage managers to the emergency room.

    • Get control of capacity

      Although storage resource management tools can be complicated to implement, they're a better alternative to breaking the bank and rushing out to purchase more storage. Get precise with your vendors on what you need and you'll wind up with better results.

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