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Published: 29 Oct 2012

Despite years of constrained budgets and limited buying, most organizations believe they can mine more value out of their existing storage assets. Disparate storage area network (SAN) islands and multiple servers--combined with limited reporting capabilities--reinforce this belief. The IT management mandate is clear: Before adding more capacity, get more mileage out of what's already on the floor. A storage resource management (SRM) tool can identify the capacity you have, control how it's being used and forecast how much more storage you will require. Any SRM tool will collect data on things such as file aging, disk and network performance as well as customer requirements such as application performance expectations. Correlating that information helps determine what pain points to address first. Most organizations will find that their storage infrastructures aren't optimized and that their resources aren't shared. Keep in mind, however, that all enterprise SRM tools are still developing. Most work best at the departmental level or in geographic locations, ... Access >>>

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    • DWDM a Boon for the Few

    • Future Looks Hazy For Enterprise Drives

    • Hashing Makes a Comeback

      Hashing is back

    • IP storage delivers by Johanna Ambrosio

      Despite all the FUD surrounding IP SANs, early users say IP-based storage isn't all that difficult to manage and that performance is sufficient. The key is knowing what applications IP SANs should be used for.

    • Wrestling with regulations by Bill O'Brien

      In the health care industry, complicated regulations such as HIPAA, combined with new technologies that require enormous amounts of storage, are driving storage managers to the emergency room.

    • Get control of capacity

      Although storage resource management tools can be complicated to implement, they're a better alternative to breaking the bank and rushing out to purchase more storage. Get precise with your vendors on what you need and you'll wind up with better results.

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