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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Where does it make the most sense to start dedupe? By Steve Duplessie In my last column, I explained the biology around how and why we end up with so many data replicas, as well as why deduping in the backup process is such a great idea. So when do we apply this concept up the food chain? If it's good in backup, it should be great in the primary infrastructure. But different types of data are created in primary: records, files, objects, blogs and so on. Data lives in the primary infrastructure, but it goes through different lifecycle stages. So where and when does it make the most sense to kill data copies? Read on, my friends. Stage 1. All data -- Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, trading data, arbitrage, video, MP3s -- is born dynamic or transactional. Everything is dynamic for some time. At this early stage, data tends to matter the most and has the highest degree of protection. If we lose data -- whether it's a document being written on a laptop or big money transactions being processed on a massive system -- the biggest impact is here. This is where ... Access >>>

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