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Published: 22 Oct 2012

Whaddaya mean you can't find it? Cop a plea. Throw yourself on the mercy of the court. Plead the fifth or claim temporary insanity. As distasteful as all of these options may seem, any one of them is bound to be better than standing in a courtroom and telling the judge, "I, uh, can't find that particular email right now." If you think you couldn't possibly wind up sweating it out as the centerpiece in a courtroom drama, think again. By the time a request for documentary evidence trickles down from the CEO to the CIO to the compliance officer and the legal team, all eyes could be focused on the person who's ultimately responsible for storing and protecting the corporate information in question. If important information has gone missing, you can count on plenty of finger-pointing in your direction. A slew of industry analysts and IT market watchers say ediscovery will be among the hottest technologies this year. My bet is that those predictions are based on conversations with CxOs and other corner-office types. If the prognosticators had listened to storage ... Access >>>

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