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Published: 19 Oct 2012

WHEN QUANTIFYING the performance of a storage array, there are two main metrics to consider: IOPS, or the number of I/O requests the array can process per second; and raw throughput, which is measured in MB/sec. The Storage Performance Council (SPC), a non-profit consortium of 26 storage vendors, has long supplied the SPC-1 benchmark for measuring IOPS. This past December, the council released the SPC-2 benchmark, which looks at the large-scale, sequential movement of data. @exb @exe Specifically, SPC-2 consists of three separate workloads: processing large files (like those used by CAD/CAM and scientific applications), large database queries (for data warehousing and data mining), and video on-demand. The results of those three workloads, measured in MB/sec, are then averaged to produce the SPC-2 MB/sec metric; the total cost of the array is then divided by the MB/sec figure to derive the SPC-2 Price-Performance result. So far, four vendors have submitted SPC-2 results: Fujitsu Computer Systems with its Eternus6000 Model 900; Hewlett-Packard for its ... Access >>>

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