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Vol. 11 Num. 1 March 2012

Steady march toward storage virtualization

Fifty-six percent of our readers have virtualized at least some of their installed storage. Those who have cite easier management of storage systems and data as a key benefit. Storage virtualization has been around as long (or longer) than its server-side cousin, but lags in deployments because it’s a bigger job to virtualize storage. Still, 56% of readers tell us they’re “there” with at least some of their installed storage virtualized. Of those, 78% have virtualized file storage and 51% their block storage. If you think these are pilot projects, you’re probably wrong: virtualizers report an average of 51% of their file storage has been virtualized and a whopping 73% for block. Virtualizing in the storage array is the most popular method (55%), but host-based virtualization is gaining (39%). For those who have taken the plunge, the benefits are clear: 39% cite more efficient use of installed capacity and 28% say it’s easier to manage storage systems and data. If it’s so good, what’s holding up the rest of us? Twenty-eight ...

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