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Published: 04 Sep 2012

Storage buying criteria has changed over the years, partly because of smaller budgets but also because the products often lack distinction. After spending a few days at EMC World 2012 in the 104-degree, brain-baking Las Vegas heat, and sitting through numerous press conferences presented by EMC’s slew of divisions, it dawned on me that you could buy a whole lot of stuff -- and not just storage hardware and software stuff -- without ever setting foot outside the EMC megamall. But even that broad array of offerings would probably be dwarfed by the expansive product lists from vendors like IBM and HP, which have been playing the “we sell everything IT” game for decades. Dell is also part of this group with its rapidly expanding range of products that goes from desktops to servers to storage, and just about everything in between. These vendors keep growing by absorbing smaller companies, and scarfing up startups or even more established outfits to fill in the blanks on their store shelves or to add some pizzazz to stock that’s lost its sizzle. So you can roll ... Access >>>

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    • Tuning storage for database apps by George Crump

      For many companies, business depends on the performance of their database applications. Here’s how to ensure your storage systems are providing all the help the database apps need.

    • Firms tap archivers for compliance, storage management by Rich Castagna

      Eighty percent of respondents do some kind of archiving, with half archiving to meet regulatory requirements and half focused on managing capacity and performance.

    • Building a 10 GigE storage network by Dennis Martin

      10 Gbps Ethernet is here, with plenty of products available, so it’s only a matter of time before most data storage shops decide to step up from 1 GigE to 10 GigE.

    • How flash can pump up performance of virtual desktops by Phil Goodwin, Contributor

      Virtual desktop environments can strain conventional hard drive storage systems, but strategically placed solid-state storage devices can boost performance.

  • Columns
    • How you choose vendors and products by Rich Castagna

      Storage buying criteria has changed over the years, partly because of smaller budgets but also because the products often lack distinction.

    • Bit rot eroding RAID by Jon William Toigo

      RAID’s roots run deep and the technology does a decent job of data protection, but a little math and an open mind might lead you to some better alternatives.

    • Big data by the numbers by Terri McClure

      A recent ESG survey highlights the growing importance of big data analytics and its increasing relevance to the storage market.

    • Finally time to declare full backups dead by Arun Taneja, Contributor

      Continuous data protection (CDP) was bleeding-edge a few years ago, but it’s re-emerging as the best technology for protecting organization's virtual environments.

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