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July 1, 2012

How flash can pump up performance of virtual desktops

Virtual desktop environments can strain conventional hard drive storage systems, but strategically placed solid-state storage devices can boost performance. Virtual desktop infrastructure promises numerous benefits to beleaguered IT operations. Organizations that must manage thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of endpoint devices are faced with the daunting tasks of security, software version control and content delivery. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can help centralize operating system (OS) image management, which reduces the number of OS versions to support, simplifies the rollout of new application software versions and facilitates lifecycle management. It also virtualizes the application environment from the physical endpoint devices, allowing IT to support everything from smartphones to desktop PCs without requiring individual device testing and qualification. Users similarly benefit from instant access to corporate applications from any location that has cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. ...

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  • How you choose vendors and products

    Storage buying criteria has changed over the years, partly because of smaller budgets but also because the products often lack distinction.

  • Bit rot eroding RAID

    by  Jon Toigo

    RAID’s roots run deep and the technology does a decent job of data protection, but a little math and an open mind might lead you to some better alternatives.

  • Big data by the numbers

    by  Terri McClure

    A recent ESG survey highlights the growing importance of big data analytics and its increasing relevance to the storage market.