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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Cloud storage is coming and it will undoubtedly bring benefits, but there may be residual effects to consider. Before anyone accuses me of being a Luddite or some sort of cave dweller, let me say that I'm a great fan of innovation and I love technology. But at the same time, I tend not to jump on a new tech bandwagon until it takes a few spins around the block. To put that in storage terms, while I believe cloud storage will play a part in the future of a lot of storage shops, I also think we should put the brakes on that bandwagon a bit and consider all of the ramifications of the new storage world order it promises. The main concern I hear from storage managers is that they're reluctant to ship their data off to a cloud provider's site. That's worrisome, for sure, but I think that hurdle can actually be overcome relatively soon. Plenty of shops have been shipping data offsite for years by using third-party disaster recovery services. But using a third-party facility to store a third or fourth copy of your data for emergency use is a lot different than ... Access >>>

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    • Storage redux: Purchase plans reviving

      Our latest Storage Purchasing Intentions survey suggests that there may be a glimmer of hope for the economy based on storage managers purchase plans.

    • Growing need for email archiving

      More and more shops are archiving their email, which is good thing considering ever-escalating message traffic and stringent compliance regulations.

    • Backup in a snap: A guide to snapshot technologies

      Snapshots are used to enhance backup systems and shorten RTOs and RPOs. But you need to know how snapshots can vary, and what those differences could mean to your environment.

    • What's inside internal storage clouds?

      If you thought you knew cloud storage, think again. With scores of vendors touting internal storage clouds, we'll give you the lowdown on what makes a storage cloud "internal."

  • Columns
    • NFS 4.1's pNFS: Big NAS performance boost by Terri McClure

      With the parallel file system pNFS now part of the NFS 4.1 protocol, NAS storage will shift into a higher gear.

    • Throwing caution to the clouds

      There's a lot to like about cloud storage, and its benefits in terms of cost savings and convenience are attractive. But there are some residual effects you should consider.

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