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Published: 17 Oct 2012

With pNFS enforcing a standardized approach to parallel file delivery, users will see a NAS performance boost in NFS 4.1, no matter whose NAS storage they have deployed. Late last year, as Network File System (NFS) 4.1 moved from Last Call to Request for Comment status at the Internet Engineering Task Force, there was a lot of press about how Parallel NFS (pNFS), included in the protocol, would create a quantum leap in network-attached storage (NAS) performance for bandwidth-intensive applications like those used in high-performance computing (HPC) applications. NFS 4.1 represents a major step in the journey to enable NFS to better serve the throughput needs driven by ever-increasing file sizes and demanding HPC environments. While the pNFS buzz has died down, vendors are developing solutions that incorporate the standard and pNFS-supporting products will be on the market in approximately six months. The 600-plus-page Request for Comment is in the editing process and full ratification should happen soon. The Network File System protocol The NFS protocol ... Access >>>

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