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Published: 22 Oct 2012

Think shipping everything offsite is a good way to go green? Think again. according to research from Enterprise Strategy Group, folks leveraging cloud-based options are twice as likely to work at companies with green initiatives than at companies without any storage-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings in place. Why is that, you ask? I have several theories. The so-called cloud represents the fastest way for any firm to get onboard with the "green IT" movement. What could be greener than getting rid of your power-hungry, cooling-crazed, constantly expanding infrastructure? What you likely won't hear is that by doing this you're in danger of pushing your green responsibility onto those providing the services you use. That's because companies don't always look for reality; they look for an ability to follow a mandate. If someone tells you to cut data center power costs by 50% in the next two years, it's only natural that you might look to solve the problem in the same way IT has historically looked to solve many such issues: by pushing the responsibility onto others.... Access >>>

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