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Published: 15 Oct 2012

The American Academy of Family Physicians says nightmares are a common phenomenon affecting both children and adults. Frequent nightmares in adults, however, are considered abnormal, except in the cases of persons who possess thin boundary personalities, take certain drugs or manage enterprise storage for a living. Storage managers commonly manifest stress levels that are at least on par with those of dentists, Middle East peace negotiators or sleep-deprived parents of newborn children. An unscientific poll of IT professionals and their confidants in the vendor and reseller/integrator community reveals that their ten most common storage nightmares align fairly closely with the most frequently reported themes of generic nightmares. Here's my list. NIGHTMARE 1: chase or attack Probably the most common nightmare involves being chased or attacked by a shadowy pursuer. Researchers suggest that the pursuer is often a metaphor for a repressed part of the dreamer's personality - a part they are afraid to confront and integrate. Psychobabble aside, storage managers ... Access >>>

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