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Published: 15 Oct 2012

A company is only as strong as the data in its databases. And the care, feeding and protection of the company's databases are mission-critical IT services. Question: What's the best way to design network storage for databases? Don't answer too quickly. It's one of those sneaky SAT questions: The most obvious answer is usually wrong. Mapping tablespaces Tablespaces can be mapped directly to LUNs using either raw partition or file system storage. And that brings us to the old network-attached storage (NAS) vs. storage area network (SAN) debate for databases. While many people assume that database storage equates with SANs, it's also possible, and may be advantageous to use NAS for database storage (not including transaction processing databases). The fact that NAS systems provide a ready file system interface with integrated management tools can make them very appealing for database storage. Raw partitions vs. file system As database and storage administrators well know, databases can provide their own filing system - called raw partitions - or use the filing ... Access >>>

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