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Vol. 11 Num. 7 September 2012

Cloud storage for mobile devices

Workers are more mobile than ever and taking data along on a variety of devices that require new methods of delivering, protecting and backing up corporate data. Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil has been the traditional IT approach to remote and mobile backup. Because mobile devices are easily stolen or lost, or may be dropped or damaged in some other way, the data they carry is in jeopardy at almost any given time. Nearly every mobile user can cite an instance of data loss and the risk continues to grow. A few years ago, typical users were limited to a single laptop; today, most also carry a tablet device and smartphone. Three devices means triple the odds that something will happen to one of them. And all those mobile gadgets may contain corporate assets of undetermined value or provide access to them. Recently, a colleague on a business trip stepped out of his rental car for a quick lunch. A smash-and-grab thief made off with his bag, including a corporate laptop and an iPad. This colleague had dutifully backed up ...

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