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Published: 15 Oct 2012

Life is full of choices. Should you, for example, buy a big-box storage system from a single vendor or mix and match open system components? Remember, however, as your first-grade teacher annoyingly preached: "With every choice, there's a consequence." And any choice offers pros and cons on each side of the issue. Monolithic and modular storage both take advantage of the movement toward network storage through consolidation, scalability, performance, availability and a better return on investment. Comparison of modular & monolithic There are strong benefits for each design - the hard part is choosing. KEY STORAGE ATTRIBUTES MODULAR MONOLITHIC Availability and reliability Implementations should have path failover/redundancy in host I/O path, switch and storage components (dual drive bus, dual controllers, fans, power supplies, and hot spare drive(s) for immediate RAID rebuild process in the event of any disk failure). Remote mirroring and snapshot/backup techniques are available. Validates cluster server testing. Robust failover and availability. Initially ... Access >>>

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