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Published: 15 Oct 2012

How will the storage vendor community react to Cisco's new storage product and what strategy will the vendor take? Cisco's long-awaited Andiamo group - which was rolled right back into Cisco the same day the products were announced - is now out of the closet. The products are awesome - at least on paper. So, now what? First, the issues. Fundamentally, Cisco has built a platform of Fibre Channel (FC) Directors, ranging from small to large, that promise to incorporate Ethernet (iSCSI and FCIP) as well as a platform for storage services, such as virtualization. Cisco's motivation is either one or two of the following: Their intentions are pure. They recognize that the FC market isn't going away, and they view it as big enough to try to dominate, until the day comes when Ethernet owns everything. They have ulterior motives. This is just the first step and they intend on expanding the market to incorporate disk subsystems on the back end - albeit relatively dumb subsystems since they want the overriding intelligence to reside on the 9000 series of switches. Cisco... Access >>>

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