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Published: 16 Oct 2012

No, that isn't the cry of my 11-year-old daughter (well, actually it is, but not in this context). It is the cry of IT. At the beginning of a budgeting cycle, you will hear the wails of poor IT people, trying to get Herculean tasks accomplished while groveling for the scraps that fall from the table. Unfortunately, IT is run in a vacuum and is a slave that answers to those who dole out the dough. The fact that different groups dole out different dough means we run a zillion different IT operations, and none have any economy of scale. This came about because IT was never a strategic thing--it was tactical, a support center for each business unit or application. The business unit itself owns the budget, the glory of success and the blame for failure. Therefore, it also owns the money, and can dictate that it will look good even if the rest of the organization looks like a reject from The Jerry Springer Show. One for all and all for me! That creates pockets of "IT islands," which lead to abysmal asset utilization, horrid management, ineffective data protection ... Access >>>

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