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Vol. 2 No. 8 October 2003

Clustering Tapped to Solve Storage Challenges

Among the myriad challenges storage managers face, some of the biggest are: how do you grow the system; how do you make sure your data is available and how do you deliver adequate performance--all for a reasonable price. Inspired by the obvious shortcomings of existing storage systems, as well as the availability of low-cost high-speed interconnect technology, some storage vendors--startups as well as some more established players--are building storage systems around clustering technology. These include IP SAN pioneers EqualLogic and LeftHand Networks; Isilon, which is developing storage for the rich media and content creation market; 3PAR, whose InServ Storage Server uses clustering between internal nodes and Xiotech, which announced the clustered 3D version of its Magnitude array. What can clustering bring to a storage system? "If you look at clustering generically, it's used to solve two very different problems: redundancy or scaling," otherwise known as availability and performance, says Peter Hayden, EqualLogic, Nashua, NH,...

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  • Spend less on storage

    by  Marc Farley

    Serial ATA disks can save you big bucks, but there's a bigger story here. By using RAID and a SAN, you can overcome many of its inherent reliability and performance limitations. It's time to rethink many of your assumptions about storage costs.

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