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Published: 20 Oct 2012

VMware might be the best thing that's happened to networked storage since, well, networked storage. So you think EMC bought VMware because it was cheap? At $635 million, it didn't seem cheap at the time; many folks wondered if EMC knew what it was doing or if it was just chucking more garf against the wall to see what stuck. VMware is worth approximately $10 billion-plus today, so no one is questioning the decision any longer, but that still doesn't explain its real value to storage. EMC is no longer the nemesis; VMware has invigorated our industry. When people consolidate servers by jamming virtual servers onto the same physical platform, they also move to a network storage architecture. VMware has figured out the recipe to get us to migrate from a DAS world to the networked storage world ... and it had nothing to do with storage. Many VMware installations are also big SAN and NAS shops (more importantly, many aren't), yet the decision to move to SAN/NAS is never retroactive. Because data growth is never-ending, we found ourselves starting the process with ... Access >>>

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