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Published: 15 Oct 2012

Buzzword alert: the latest word to loom from storage marketers' lexicon is utility. Following are a few ways utility is being used in storage. Take storage utility, which usually refers to the notion of the storage service provider, or SSP, providing disk on demand, remotely or on-site. An example is Compaq's Private Storage Utility, which includes its Multivendor Storage Management program, and optionally, its Storage Capacity Package whereby Compaq installs excess storage on-site customers can use in a pay-as-you-go fashion. Then there's the directive to "think like a utility," as some analysts put it. This idea has been gathering steam for some years, and calls for IT departments to present departments with a Chinese menu of sorts, where a manager can check off what levels of capacity, availability, quality of service, etc. that the department needs - and is willing to pay for. If the department oversteps those limits, the costs are charged back to the department. The term utility class, meanwhile, is sometimes used interchangeably with carrier-class, ... Access >>>

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