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Published: 16 Oct 2012

Isn't hard zoning the same as port-based zoning? No, it's not. Given Brocade Communications Systems Inc.'s predominance in the market, I'm blaming them for this wide misconception. Consider the following quotes from the Brocade Zoning User Guide (Version 2.2 for the SilkWork 2800): "In a hard zone, sometimes referred to as a port zone, zone members are specified by physical port number ... In a soft zone, at least one zone member is specified by a [world-wide name] WWN." However, they also say that in soft zoning, "the switch does not control data transfer, so there is no guarantee against data transfer from unauthorized zone members." This sure sounds like Brocade thought that soft zoning and WWN-based zoning were the same (as well as confusing hard zoning with port zoning). While they are still separate concepts, it's true that up until now, Brocade only offered hardware enforcement (hard zoning) in a port-based zone. You couldn't do hardware enforcement with a WWN-based zone. Therefore, while the two pairs of terms weren't synonymous--they were ... Access >>>

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