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Vol. 1 No. 12 February 2003

Snapshot: Where do you store end-user files?

1. In your organization, how much capacity do files take up? 2. Where are end-user files stored? 3. Where should files be stored? If this month's survey is any indication, NAS head vendors have made little if no headway convincing storage administrators of the wisdom of putting a NAS gateway in front of the SAN. Among Storage magazine readers, almost no one (1%) has a NAS gateway in place, and few more (8%) see it as the preferred solutions. Instead, our readers opt for simplicity. The overwhelming majority of you store end-user files on a plain old file server, either configured with direct-attached disk, or connected on to the SAN. Why not NAS? As one reader put it, "We have both NAS and SAN, but we prefer the cost/performance of the SAN."

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Features in this issue

  • Midrange Arrays Inherit High-End Smarts

    Virtualization layers, once a feature of only the most expensive storage subsystems, are beginning to ship with midrange storage systems.

  • Optimize database storage

    by  Jim Booth

    In this article, author and consultant Jim Booth maintains that different database objects may each require their own type of storage to make the database operations run more smoothly. Whether you're dealing with tablespaces, indexes, redo logs or archives -- there's a right and wrong storage choice for each database component. This article explains what they are.

  • Inside the new Symmetrix

    by  Michael Desmond

    Inside the new Symmetrix

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