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Published: 04 Jun 2013

Storage vendors are packaging their products with servers and networking gear to create ready-to-run converged systems. Could this be the end of best-of-breed deployments? Traditionally, to maximize performance and ensure enterprise-class capabilities, IT organizations have adopted a best-of-breed approach to selecting servers, storage, networking and other infrastructure components. But requirements to lower costs and gain greater efficiencies have resulted in consolidation of infrastructure to reduce physical hardware using techniques such as server virtualization, which enables better resource utilization and administrative benefits. While virtualization makes it easier to roll out new servers and applications, it has led to server sprawl that's not only burdening physical resources but taxing IT with additional maintenance and support chores. Statistics from an IDC report, Converging the Datacenter Infrastructure: Why, How, So What? (May 2012), show that while server spending has stayed about the same in the past 10 years, the cost of management and ... Access >>>

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    • Wanted: Storage professionals by Rich Castagna

      All this talk about storage being a commodity might make storage professionals feel inferior. But if you look at storage pay, those gloom-and-doom prophecies just don't add up.

    • Can data storage equipment pass the Yoga Pants Test? by Jon William Toigo

      What criteria are you basing your data storage equipment purchases on: a prestigious label or real-world requirements?

    • Mobile device backup might be impossible by Jason Buffington

      Doing a selective mobile device backup that separates work data and personal data can't be done, but perhaps not for the reasons you think.

    • Flash deployment: Look before you leap by Jeff Boles

      The solid-state storage market is still a work in progress. A prudent approach will ensure that a flash deployment fits well with an overall storage strategy.

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