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Published: 17 Oct 2012

The storage industry is abuzz with dedupe. Approximately one-third of respondents to Storage magazine's latest survey use a dedupe product, but how easy will it be to convert the stragglers? By Rich Castagna If the storage industry had a word of the year award, it would go to "dedupe." Like with so many other IT technologies, the task is to determine if dedupe's hype or happening. For data deduplication, it seems like it might be a little of both. In our latest survey, we found that 31% of respondents currently use a deduplication product -- not bad, considering that it's still a new technology. But how easy will it be to convert the remaining 69% of non-believers? Forty-four percent are dedupe-deniers, who cite diverse reasons for their non-implementation: 30% don't use disk for backup and 29% just don't see a need. In addition, approximately one-third of the comments we received cite the cost of deduplication as a prohibitive factor. As for the great where-to-put-it debate, 50% of our dedupers chose products that do inline deduplication, 35% opted for ... Access >>>

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What's Inside

    • Power-smart disk systems

      Disk drive systems use more power than just about any other data center gear, but storage vendors are addressing this problem with a variety of technologies.

    • The buzz about dedupe

      Approximately one-third of respondents to Storage magazine's latest survey use a dedupe product, but how easy will it be to convert stragglers?

    • Virtual jobs

      Virtualizing servers, storage and even networks will change the face of IT and significantly impact the roles of storage professionals.

    • Value-based data protection

      There's no skimping when it comes to data protection, but tight budgets mean that storage managers will be looking for solid value in their backup products.

    • Replication alternatives

      Data replication is great for protecting critical data and ensuring quick recoveries. Find out where you should deploy replication: in your array, network or servers.

  • Columns
    • Data virtualization turns less into more

      Less physical data living and moving over our plumbing means we can have more virtual instances of that data, which drives even more value.

    • Is cloud storage the return of the service provider? by Terri McClure

      Cloud storage is a service, just like what storage service providers attempted to do years ago. But the technology has evolved and this time, cloud storage is real.

    • Rethinking cloud storage

      Cloud storage vendors might find a silver lining to the current economic cloud as companies try to cut costs. But enterprise storage shops are still wary.

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