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Published: 30 Oct 2012

Do you mirror your data remotely? Do you mirror your data to remote locations? At what distance is data remotely replicated? What technique(s) do you use? Storage readers doing remote data replication are in the minority, but that's about to change. Over the next couple of years, more than 63% of respondents that don't already replicate remotely plan to start. The lion's share of data is replicated between 11km and 1,000km from the primary site; however, a significant number of respondents (26.9%) replicate to a site less than 10km away, while 21.8% replicate more than 1,000km away. Array and host-based replication are the most popular techniques, but nearly one-fifth of respondents (17.9%) are also trying out fabric-based replication services. Access >>>

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