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Published: 19 Oct 2012

Vendors are constantly trying to find the right products to fill the right voids, and to deliver their message to you in the right way. Back in the old days, it seemed easier--if they could sell people the same or a better way to do something for a better price, people would buy it. Money poured into startups hoping to grab a piece of the pie. They built stuff they thought was cool, and much of it was; but by the time the product got to market, the market had changed. IT people don't care about cool when it comes to choosing vendors. They buy from incumbent vendors unless there is a life-threatening IT problem the current vendor can't or won't fix, or because the incumbent no longer speaks the language of IT. When EMC kicked IBM's butt in the '80s it wasn't because EMC's gear was better (trust me, this I know). As a matter of fact, you could argue that the stuff was downright awful. But EMC had taught its sales and marketing people how to speak the language of the customer with catchphrases like "Don't get boxed into a single vendor," "Separate your storage ... Access >>>

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