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Vol. 10 Num. 11 January 2012

Predicting that storage predictions will be forgotten in 2012

It seems like everyone is making predictions about data storage technologies for 2012 and beyond, but who are you going to believe -- them or me? It’s the start of a new year, which means storage analysts, consultants, pundits, bloggers and vendors, along with their mothers, brothers, sisters and cousins, feel an urgent need to make predictions for the coming year. I haven’t done much predicting myself, but it looks like a pretty cool thing to do considering that a year from now nobody’s going to know if what you predicted happened or not. So the more outrageous your prediction, the better, right? Doyenz, a cloud disaster recovery (DR) vendor, predicts “the demise of cloud storage,” which might seem a little self-defeating because the last time I looked cloud storage played a fairly significant role in cloud DR. But I guess the company is trying to make some kind of differentiation between plain old cloud storage and its DR service. Still, predicting the demise of cloud storage puts Doyenz out on a pretty thin limb. I’ll be sure...

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