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Published: 18 Oct 2012

Disk capacity has been the sexy specification the majority of us have latched onto, but it’s time to start thinking about performance and power consumption. Back when he was at Xiotech (now XIO), Rob Peglar used to present a PowerPoint deck that included a slide depicting a butcher processing a large pile of ground beef. The unappealing image provided a memorable hook for Peglar’s point: for years, we’ve bought storage in a similar fashion, using the simple metric of dollars per pound. Interviewing disk drive makers a few years ago, I learned a different but related truth about disk. Many disk drive industry insiders observed that their biggest sales accrued based on “larger,” rather than “faster” or “smarter.” Customers saw bigger capacity as the improvement that meant the most. A 1 TB drive was better than a nimbler 250 GB drive, and a 2 TB drive yielded more sales than a fancy 500 GB flash/hard disk hybrid unit. Bigger is better made a certain kind of sense, of course. Knowing virtually nothing about data itself -- the contents of a given file, its ... Access >>>

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What's Inside

    • Back up remote site data by Jacob Gsoedl

      With plenty of viable options available, backing up remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs) shouldn’t be neglected any longer.

    • Users arm themselves for the battle with capacity management by Rich Castagna

      Survey respondents said their firms added an average of 59 TB of disk capacity to top off average installed storage at a hefty 413 TB. But do they know what’s being used?

  • Columns
    • Predicting that storage predictions will be forgotten in 2012 by Rich Castagna

      It seems like everyone is making predictions about data storage technologies for 2012 and beyond, but who are you going to believe -- them or me?

    • IOPS per what? by Jon William Toigo

      Disk capacity has been the sexy specification the majority of us have latched onto, but it’s time to start thinking about performance and power consumption.

    • Solid-state storage proving its worth among users by Terri McClure

      More than one-third of total respondents to a recent ESG survey said their organizations are leveraging solid-state storage in some form today.

    • Not all scale-out NAS systems are created equal by Arun Taneja, Contributor

      You may already be sold on the concept of scale-out NAS, but scale-out systems vary widely and you’ll have plenty of decisions to make before buying one.

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