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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Product BrightStor Enterprise Backup Description Multiple platform distributed backup package Key features Portal-based admin tool, works with tape or disk backup Pro High throughput Con No incremental forever feature Price Base price of $4,995; additionalmodules and agents extra If you watch a lot of television, you undoubtedly have seen the many commercials from Computer Associates Inc., (CA) Islandia, NY, illustrating the need for reliable backup. An executive on his way to a board meeting is relying on information that's only stored in the heads of two junior executives. But they both meet their downfall on the way to the meeting, leaving the senior exec looking silly. The subliminal message: The two junior executives are your mirrored disk drives that were unprotected by backup. CA must be pretty confident that its data protection product offerings can stand the scrutiny of millions of eyes. Over the past month, my eyes have been reviewing CA's BrightStor Enterprise Backup (v. 10.5) software to see if it can indeed stand the test of real use. Can it ... Access >>>

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