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Vol. 3 No. 1 March 2004

Database archiving done right

When is a gigabyte not a gigabyte? Like a soldier in the front lines, a gigabyte of production data is supported by many others behind it. To keep the production data available 24x7, behind the scenes are local mirrored copies, remote mirrored copies for disaster recovery and copies for each parallel development and test effort, plus multiple copies of all of these. Consider the following best practices advocated by various vendors for mission-critical production data: Each production volume is protected by mirrored storage. To provide fast recovery from errors, two additional rolling snapshots of the data are kept online. To enable disaster recovery and business continuance, two copies of the data are kept on a remote storage system. One or both of those copies will be mirrored to protect the storage on the remote side in case production operations must be transferred to the recovery site. To facilitate non-disruptive backups of the production data, another independent copy of the data may exist (the life of the rolling ...

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