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Published: 17 Oct 2012

The hierarchy of storage policies Policies are the internal laws of an organization. Enterprise policies shape the behavior of business units into a common cooperative effort. Just like legislation, policies are often developed in response to a disaster and can have unexpected consequences. Developing effective policies requires an understanding of organizational imperatives and a periodic review to ensure they're still appropriate. Although some policies are unique to an organization, there are often many commonalities between policies in different organizations. We find it helpful to divide policies into three categories: strategic, tactical and operational. (See "The hierarchy of storage policies") Time to strategize Strategic policies define the overall business imperatives. Think of the U.S. Constitution: Strategic policies are analogous to the Bill of Rights. There should be just a few, and all other policies should be assessed in light of them. Strategic policies are going to vary less from company to company. Here are some common examples: ... Access >>>

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