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Rich Castagna, Editorial Director Published: 18 Oct 2012

You’ll need to look past the “irrational exuberance” of the cloud storage market to get a real handle on how it might fit into your data storage environment. Cloud storage is limitless. Cloud storage is ubiquitous. Cloud storage is elastic. Cloud storage is economical. Cloud storage will bring world peace, cure cancer and balance the budget. Yes, I’ve bought into all the promises about cloud storage, but I’m not quite ready to drink the Kool-Aid, chant the cloud storage mantra and stagger into the ether like some zombie extra from Night of the Living Dead. I’d feel a little more comfortable if we could just squeeze the word “potentially” into those four “Cloud storage is . . .” sentences above. It’s not just the relentless vendor hype -- it’s turning into a story about expectation and maybe even just a dab or two of exaggeration. Gartner, IDC and just about any analyst firm with at least a toe in the data storage market waters have pitched predictions of runaway growth for the cloud computing market. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) ... Access >>>

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      Even with an economy that’s stubbornly stuck in neutral, data storage professionals’ paychecks reflect modest yet welcome increases.

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      In our latest Snapshot survey, 58% of Storage readers say they’re using tape as much or more than they did three years ago and only 16% have banished tape entirely.

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      Planning, developing and implementing disaster recovery plans can be complex, but a new class of apps can help you determine if DR plans are synchronized with your IT operations.

  • Columns
    • Getting real about the cloud by Rich Castagna

      You’ll need to look past the “irrational exuberance” of the cloud storage market to get a real handle on how it might fit into your data storage environment.

    • Who really needs scale-out systems? by Terri McClure

      Industries that once operated in traditional paper-based models are being overwhelmed by their digital data stores. Scale-out NAS can provide high-performance application support.

    • Time is right for SSDs by Dave Raffo

      Solid-state was late to enterprise storage and had to be retrofitted into data centers. But a new generation of systems built specifically for solid-state are interesting users.

    • Cloud storage ahead of the pack for hybrid cloud deployments by Jeff Byrne, Contributor

      The idea of turning over storage systems to the cloud hasn’t caught on with enterprises, but hybrid cloud storage products show how to leverage both in-house and off-site storage.

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