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Vol. 10 Num. 9 November 2011

Cloud storage ahead of the pack for hybrid cloud deployments

The idea of turning over storage systems to the cloud hasn’t caught on with enterprises, but hybrid cloud storage products show how to leverage both in-house and off-site storage Hybrid clouds have been getting more than their fair share of attention, fueled by recent announcements by VMware and other big players. Hybrid clouds bring together public off-premises clouds and on-premises clouds (which today may be nothing more than traditional in-house IT environments) to create a more functional solution. But the secret sauce of a hybrid cloud is the connecting technologies that reside in the middle. To effectively bridge off-premises clouds with on-premises computing and storage environments, a hybrid cloud solution should provide enterprise-class security, cross-cloud management, workload/data portability and interoperability. Hybrid clouds offer some compelling advantages, and we believe they should be the ultimate “end game” of any organization’s cloud deployment strategy. Though the market is still developing, major hardware ...

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  • Getting real about the cloud

    by  Rich Castagna

    You’ll need to look past the “irrational exuberance” of the cloud storage market to get a real handle on how it might fit into your data storage environment.

  • Who really needs scale-out systems?

    by  Terri McClure

    Industries that once operated in traditional paper-based models are being overwhelmed by their digital data stores. Scale-out NAS can provide high-performance application support.

  • Time is right for SSDs

    by  Dave Raffo

    Solid-state was late to enterprise storage and had to be retrofitted into data centers. But a new generation of systems built specifically for solid-state are interesting users.