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April 2014 Vol. 13 No. 2

How to evaluate and deploy flash storage technology

Your applications might be begging for the addition of flash storage technology, but you'll have to decide where to put it, how much you'll need and how it should be used. Flash storage can seem like an easy answer to application performance problems, but deciding what type of flash product to buy, and where and how to deploy it, is a lot more complicated. Deciding what kind of solid-state storage to deploy, where it's deployed and the capacity required shouldn't be a process based on theoretical scenarios or data sheet statistics. It involves some analysis of the current environment to help define the problem you hope to remedy with flash storage. Essentially, you need to determine where the bottlenecks are, what the workloads involved look like, and what besides storage performance needs to be fixed or improved upon. You also have to take into account real-world constraints that can limit the possibilities or options one has to consider. Flash choices aren't always evident It would be great if there was a matrix that showed ...

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