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Vol. 4 No. 10 December 2005

Storage market is a soap opera

How can you tell when a company has crossed the chasm from piddly little startup to legitimate contender? When you hear stories of its imminent demise. The storage market is a soap opera with tons of subplots and backstabbing. Bad news seems to travel so much faster than good, and big guys who feel threatened use this news, often with no regard for the truth whatsoever, against their would-be foes. This isn't a new phenomenon—it's been going on since the days when EMC was a dinky little memory company. I remember going to an IT shop in Rhode Island to try and sell my Prime-compatible memory (64MB for $80,000 if I recall properly) when the prospect said to me, "I understand that EMC is about to leave the memory business [Ed. note: It was all we had at the time] and that you can't make payroll." Huh? It turns out that his Prime sales rep filled his ears with this rubbish, and it was rubbish because EMC was a solid year from almost going out of business at that point, and a good two years from abandoning the memory business. I ...

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