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Published: 19 Oct 2012

Sometimes we're so brilliant at something, we decide we can do other things just as well. But almost always, we can't. If the smartest guy on the planet can't turn a double play, what shot do the rest of us have of being multitask-enabled? Lately we're hearing about storage systems that do everything but spit-shine the dog. They are massive, low-cost, ultra-scalable, moron-ready, self-healing, butt-warming arrays of never-ending love. I liked it when we had four types of storage: enterprise, midrange, internal and tape. We could put everything into the right category because we knew what each did--not what it claimed. Today we have 85 different classes of ILM-enabled products. We have tape that acts like disk and disk that acts like tape. We have big disk, slow disk, fast disk and cheap disk. I feel like Dr. Seuss was a Hindu and came back as a RAID controller. Since we're now at the next great inflection point (i.e., a massively confusing time), allow my simple mind to offer an alternative to our nomenclature. Let's go back in time and refer to storage ... Access >>>

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