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Vol. 3 No. 8 October 2004

Hands-On Review: Veritas CommandCentral Storage 4.0

Command Performance for Veritas SRM Product snapshot Product: Veritas CommandCentral Storage 4.0. Description: Storage resource management. Key Features: Single console administration. Pros: Controls heterogeneous storage; offers extensive policy sets. Cons: Not SMI-S compliant, requires significant integration effort. Price: $20,000. Anew generation of storage resource management (SRM) products is flooding the market, all promising ROI by translating business objectives into finely tuned storage policies that can control storage resources. But most storage managers are jaded, tired of being itemized to death for product features that are missing from a vendor's basic SRM offering. Storage managers need inclusive SRM applications that allow the definition of policies and provide control of the storage resources governed by those policies. Veritas Software Corp.'s CommandCentral Storage (CCS) 4.0 is a comprehensive SRM program that raises the bar by integrating many management points into a single console. CCS rolls up the ...

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