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Published: 20 Oct 2012

THIRTY-ONE PERCENT of IT shops practice some sort of storage chargeback, according to a recent survey of Storage readers (see "Snapshot: Do you charge back for storage?" Storage, July 2006), allowing them to meter the use of storage resources by different groups within their organizations. But who exactly are these people? Chargeback practitioners are a very self-selecting group, says Patrick Hynds, senior technologist at NTP Software in Nashua, NH. "We find customers absolutely know in their souls that they need chargeback or else it's not an issue for them," he says. But, in general, chargeback users tend to be very large companies, most likely in the financial sector, says Hynds. These are companies whose cultures are "more bureaucratic, and whose business is accounting for money on a daily basis." Last month, NTP announced its Storage Billing System, a new module for its Storage M&A product that lets IT bill for storage consumption by department; previously, M&A produced a report that would let IT bill for storage per user. Some shops charge back not to ... Access >>>

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