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Published: 22 Oct 2012

It took a while, but we finally seem to know what's good for us. THE IT MARKET has been in a strange place for a long, long time. We've experienced supreme highs and stunning lows, sometimes in the same year. We've seen processors spread from top-secret laboratories to being included in nearly every product on the market. We've watched device capacity move from kilobytes to terabytes and beyond, but it's still never quite enough for all the uses we humans can think of. We've seen the rise of the Internet as a technology enabler and the embarrassing fall of the Internet as a modern-day gold rush. We lost our common sense for a while, but we seem to be getting it back. At this point, we know the Internet's true function: to connect everyone to everything. It took 50 years, but the primary requirement for realizing the ultimate promise of commercial computing technologies has occurred, and it's the Internet. It lets us do truly astounding things, but it's also become a Pandora's box. When we opened the door to the future by leveraging Internet technologies, we ... Access >>>

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