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Published: 19 Oct 2012

@exb Communicating metrics It doesn't matter how good your metrics are if they're inaccessible to the people who need them. Don't cut corners when planning the presentation of your data. Spend some time determining which indicators are essential to understanding your operational efficiency. Metrics like utilization and cost per gigabyte can be powerful, but must be presented carefully to avoid sending the wrong message. When designing a graphical display of your metrics (sometimes called a dashboard), pay particular attention to what the graphic itself is showing. Good designs include reference marks that show if you're hitting targets for the metric in question and allow direct visual comparison between sets. Don't let the graphics overwhelm your message. Avoid flashy 3D effects, textures, bright fill colors and other elements that may distract from the information being presented. Sometimes the simplest chart types are the most effective: columns (stacked columns are especially useful for utilization), pie charts for showing relative amounts and line ... Access >>>

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What's Inside

    • DAS: The last bastions

      DAS holdouts

    • Storage sidles up to SUSE

    • iFCP vs. FCIP

      Two protocols—iFCP and FCIP—tap the scalability of the Internet Protocol and Ethernet networks, and can be used to overcome Fibre Channel networking limitations when connecting SAN islands. But iFCP and FCIP operate very differently; find out which one is right for your environment.

    • Is the time right for optical storage?

      Optical storage has languished on the periphery of enterprise storage, but new technologies with higher capacities and more competitive per-gigabyte prices are moving optical into the mainstream.

    • Directors take on more tasks by Phil Goodwin

      The competition among director-class products has never been more intense. If you're considering directors for the first time, or re-examining your fabric strategy, here's what you need to know.

    • New backup strategies

      In the final installment of his series on disk-based data protection, W. Curtis Preston describes how options such as snapshots, replication, continuous data protection and data reduction backup can improve the backup process.

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