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Vol. 2 No. 5 July 2003

The evolving storage department

@exb Evolutionary roadblocks There are a number of hurdles facing IT executives seeking to shape their storage organizations into a new mold. Some of the major issues are: Political turf wars. These come in a number of forms; external, as when storage folks have to haul direct-attached storage (DAS) storage away from the control of a local business unit and onto the storage area network (SAN); and internal, such as when Unix and Wintel administrators fight over who's going to manage the SAN itself. Either way, "it's a political nightmare, and we hear a lot about it," says Jamie Gruener, a senior analyst at the Boston-based Yankee Group. Lack of established governance. Reorganizing storage into a separate entity means a reorganization of part of the IT environment. Logically, CIOs would sit down and establish things like reporting procedures, and give the storage folks a place at the IT management table. But because most storage departments evolve gradually, too many times a formal governance policy is never hammered out. Unclear...

Features in this issue

  • Close the IM Loophole

    NYSE sends message about instant messages

  • Roll Your Own NAS

    Is building your own NAS better?

  • Taming HBAs

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Installing, configuring and maintaining Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) is the bane of many SAN administrators. Thankfully, these new cards offer better management tools.

  • Creating a large e-mail system

    by  Jim Booth

    Here's how one storage team transformed a monolithic storage design into a flexible, scalable system.

  • IP SANs take their place

    There's a growing interest in using IP for storage in small to midsized enterprises, although Fibre Channel is still dominant in large organizations. What's right for you: IP, FC or a combination of both?

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