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Published: 17 Oct 2012

Simply put, it's imperative to match the kind of storage to the value of the application to lower storage costs. Put another way, cost-effective storage--especially for e-mail and applications on plain vanilla file servers--should provide service levels just above what's needed. Newer technologies, such as Serial ATA (SATA) drives and iSCSI connectivity, offer more ways to fine-tune your storage environment and save money by not overprovisioning storage. Best practices for e-mail storage Optimize capacity over performance Use pooled SAN storage (avoid DAS) Use storage virtualization for easy and fast expandability Use bigger disk drives at any performance level Use RAID 5 for best cost/capacity ratio Name directories and files with historical context, change locations periodically Multiplex (oversubscribe) e-mail servers 15:1 on SAN storage Use e-mail archiving software Document archiving operations Use WORM tape or CAS disk technology for e-mail archives Tuning e-mail storage E-mail is one of the fastest growing applications in terms of storage capacity. ... Access >>>

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