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Published: 29 Oct 2012

Sexy IT chatter gets executive attention from both the people who develop technology and those who use it. Right now, information lifecycle management (ILM) is hot, hot, hot. Grid and utility computing are also huge draws. People line up to hear about cool stuff that will neither generate anyone any money nor help IT in any near-term way. Meanwhile, the reality that nobody wants to talk about at the executive level are boring old things such as backup and restore, which are still causing endless real-world problems in 95% of IT shops. The problem is worse than it was five years ago. And It will probably be even worse next year. Show me another area in your life where it's OK that something you do fails 40% of the time. Unless you are baseball manager, if your employees fail in their tasks that often, you fire them! Yet somehow, we not only tolerate that level of backup/restore failure, we are afraid to upset the broken apple cart. We are held hostage by our people and their dysfunctional processes because we're afraid that if we make them mad and they leave,... Access >>>

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