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Published: 16 Oct 2012

Simultagnosia is a word I overheard while implementing a multiterabyte storage area network (SAN) for the radiology department of one of the nation's largest healthcare systems. It's a disorder where a person lacks the ability to integrate information across their visual fields. Instead, the affected person can only pay attention to one small area at a time, absorb information in that area and then move on to the next area. As soon as I heard the definition, I immediately thought of managing resources on a SAN--administrators are expected to manage an enterprise tape library one minute, and then walk over to an enterprise disk array and utilize its inherent tools to manage it. And you also have to be more than familiar with the switches, routers and host bus adapters (HBAs) that connect tape libraries and disk arrays. Doing more with less From having salaried employees work additional hours without compensation to asking users to suffer through the pains of subpar response times, the lack of capital available for hardware upgrades is affecting productivity ... Access >>>

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    • Storage spending continues to rise by Mark Schlack

      Our extensive survey of 2003 spending plans show spending is up, but storage managers want more than just raw capacity.

    • Shared file systems: a mixed blessing by Benjamin Kuo

      Shared file systems promise to simplify managing storage. But you might have to wait a few years before that promise is fulfilled.

    • ATA Drives Move Up the Ranks

      The nod has been given to ATA drives by EMC, which is now giving customers the option of buying disk array enclosures (DAEs) for their Clariion CX400 and CX600 arrays equipped with ATA, rather than the usual Fibre Channel drives.

    • SRM Software Players Cook Up New Pricing Models

      As more IT shops deploy networked storage, many storage resource management (SRM) vendors are moving to capacity-based pricing, rather than the server- or processor-based pricing models of old.

    • EMC/Accenture Partnership Bears Few Fruit

      Ever wonder whatever became of EMC's ISC, the "vendor neutral" storage consulting service the company launched with Accenture last summer?

    • The shape of the new data center by John R. Blackman

      The key to the next wave of data center technologies is adaptability. Realizing that goal may rest in your hands.

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