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Norman Owens Published: 19 Oct 2012

This article first appeared in "Storage" magazine in their November issue. For more articles of this type, please visit What you will learn from this tip: How to use the SPICE algorithm to simplify the process of designing a large core/edge SAN. Three storage area network (SAN) architectures have become prominent: island, collocated and core/edge. Each topology serves a particular niche, but of the three, the core/edge SAN is the most scalable and widely deployed. Designing a large core/edge SAN can be a complicated process, but the SPICE algorithm greatly reduces the complexity. The S variable is the number of servers that will be migrated initially to the core/edge SAN. It's the milestone by which the implementation project is measured. As with any project, server and capacity requirements may change during the implementation, but setting the S goal early in the planning phase will establish a clear completion point for the project. Because a goal of the core/edge SAN is to keep the storage port as close to full utilization as ... Access >>>

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