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Published: 17 Oct 2012

With plenty of economical disk-based backup products and cloud-based services available, remote offices can be brought back into the fold. Rick Cook If backups are a headache for storage managers, backing up data at remote offices is a migraine. The traditional method of handling remote backups is to have a tape system on site so that local staff can run regular backups. This has a number of obvious drawbacks, not the least of which is reliability because of the need for human intervention. To address the issue of the manual nature of tape-based backups, more and more companies are replacing tape with other solutions in their remote offices. The trend is nascent, but catching on fast. Remote offices are generally characterized by relatively small amounts of data that have to be backed up, as well as a lack of technically adept staff. In an office with just a couple of gigabytes to back up, tape can be relatively expensive. While tape still has the lowest cost per gigabyte, that's only true of the system as a whole above a certain threshold. Tape drives ... Access >>>

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