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Published: 27 Feb 2014

Is your company's storage network architecture struggling to keep pace with virtualized server environments and speedy flash storage? A major upgrade might be in order. The storage network is a frequently neglected component of a virtualization initiative or clustered database rollout. Greater priority is typically given to the servers and actual storage system for the project, instead of the network that connects them. That's typically true because in the past the storage network was more than capable of delivering adequate performance. But with the advent of high-density server virtualization and flash-based near-zero latency storage, the storage network is becoming a bottleneck and -- like it or not -- IT planners need to review their storage network upgrade options. The three layers of a data center A data center can be divided into three layers: The compute layer that runs the applications The storage layer that stores the data created by the compute layer The networking layer that connects the compute and storage layers The compute layer has become ... Access >>>

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