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Published: 22 Oct 2012

Green data centers are a noble idea. But saving greenbacks can make you a hero. YOU'RE FINALLY FEELING a bit guilty about that carbon footprint of yours, aren't you? If you're like me, you try to do little things to help out, yet doing the right thing can be incredibly frustrating. So instead you do what I do. You give it your best shot and go to bed feeling like it's all of the other people on the planet who are screwing things up. When I'm at home, I recycle. I take painstaking (almost militaristic, if you were to ask my family) measures to make sure all things cardboard or paper wind up in the proper recycling bin. I do the same with bottles and cans, and a number of wine bottles that seem to multiply on their own. I lug bin upon bin of these items out to the curb, feeling as though I must be doing something right, even if those bins sit next to three enormous, embarrassing barrels of waste. I leave for work with the feeling that I've done something to help the environment, only to return to find half of the cardboard sitting there with a little note ... Access >>>

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    • Hot Spots: Don't let SaaS costs sneak up on you by Lauren Whitehouse

      There are plenty of good reasons to opt for backup storage as a service, but there are also plenty of questions you should ask before green lighting any move to online backup.

    • Storage Bin 2.0 The color of money

      If your actions will help meet the company's overall green objectives of making more money faster, you'll probably find your status growing along with your budget.

    • End in sight for Fibre Channel?

      End in sight for Fibre Channel?

    • Best Practices: Why you can't go it alone by Ashish Nadkarni

      Most IT departments are split into islands of expertise, like storage, servers and networks. But the time is coming when those disparate groups will have to learn to work together. Network consolidation is just one of the technologies forcing storage pros to build stronger interdisciplinary IT teams.

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