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Published: 20 Oct 2012

Turn data into intelligent information To manage stored data effectively, you need to understand its content so you know how to handle it and where to put it. MOST COMPANIES BLINDLY manage their databases, files and e-mails. Applications create the data and it's saved on storage devices. The data is later copied or moved for business-continuity or data protection purposes. While this worked in the past, new business requirements such as record-retention regulations and increasingly frequent e-discovery activities have forced organizations to rethink data management. IT departments are also struggling with growing capacity requirements and trying to cope with the constant flow of new requirements that stress their capital and operating budgets. Organizations must improve their understanding of data and then use that understanding for more efficient and effective data management. New technology solutions that leverage the context of data--the attributes and index that describe the data--can help organizations turn data into information. Attributes, such as the... Access >>>

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    • Deploying Intelligent Information Management applications

      By deploying Intelligent Information Management applications, organizations can improve resource management by eliminating the storage of duplicate data, reduce risk by quickly responding to discovery requests, comply with record-retention and privacy regulations, and restore the right data faster.

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      In this age of compliance and despite well-publicized cases of data theft, a recent security survey from GlassHouse Technologies indicates that few companies are paying much attention to storage security.

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      Standards or product development?

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